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Print Shop

Tech Shop Canada's new printing service 'Print Shop' is ready for use!


The Print Shop is a service by Tech Shop Canada where we will print your models for you. Simply provide us with your 3D model and preferred settings and we will print it.

You will be able to choose which printer you would like it printed on, and your choice in filament. You will be charged for the filament used, and shipping if applicable.

This service by Tech Shop Canada is ideal for those who need something printed, but do not want to invest in a 3D Printer. It is also great to get some test models for specific filaments or printers so you can get an idea of its quality before purchase!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service and would like to find a model to have printed, we recommend thingiverse for models. 


Price List:

Standard Filament - $1.00 per Meter of filament.

High Quality Filament - $1.25 per Meter of filament

Special Filament - $1.50 per Meter of filament.


We will contact you about your request including a free quote before printing.


Request a print now:


Note: Some of the filaments we offer may not always be available for printing, as we are always adding and removing from the list of available filaments.