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Printer Services and Repair

At Tech Shop Canada we are happy to help our customers with after-sales service by offering repair and maintenance services. These repair and maintenance services are often time consuming and in some cases dangerous. We have qualified technicians that are both knowledgeable and experienced in these 3D Printers, and procedures and tools to keep our technician safe.

Please note: All 3D Printer repair and maintenance services we offer are only available in the Greater Sudbury Area. Please contact us for further information or questions regarding this.



Build and test: 

When you purchase a 3D Printer from us, in many cases that 3D Printer will need to be assembled and comes in many pieces, and can be very time consuming to build. So we take the the difficulty out of your new purchase, we will build your printer, level your bed, and run a test print to ensure everything is ready for you. Then deliver the fully assembled 3D Printer right to your door.



If your printer is not printing properly but everything seems to be working, or perhaps your not sure what the problem is, we will be happy to diagnose the problem with your 3D Printer, then contact you to give you a price estimate to repair and the steps required to complete that repair. 


Clog fix:

3D Printers can on occasion get clogs in the extruder and these can be very dangerous and difficult to clear. To remove these clogs you often have to heat the hot end to 200+ degrees and disassemble the hot end assembly, our technicians are used to these kind of issues, and can get the job done efficiently and safely.


Maintenance and cleaning:

3D Printers are amazing machines, and in order for them to run as efficiently as possible, they require regular maintenance. This includes things like Cleaning cooling fans, cleaning motherboard and motor controller vents, leveling the bed, cleaning the nozzle, and getting rid of debris. These steps and more will help prolong the life of your 3D Printer, and possibly enhance its performance.


Hot end assembly replacement:

3D Printer hot ends are the most important part of the printer, its what melts the filament and controls the flow, but sometimes if its left messy with left over filament resin, or an error during the printing process, it can require a total hot end replacement. This can be very difficult based on a couple factors, if filament has fused in the nozzle tube, if your printer has a built in thermistor, and many other factors making it difficult to repair on your own, ideal to be repaired professionally.


Nozzle replacement:

The 3D Printer nozzle is one of the most delicate parts of the entire printer, its the part that makes contact with the print bed, and that makes the print itself. The nozzle can become damaged from rubbing on the print bed, left with filament resin on it for more then 1 print, or even just ware and tare over time, when this happens you need to replace it. This is a repair most 3D Printer enthusiasts attempt to do on their own, however while fairly easy to do, 1 wrong move and you can ruin your entire hot end assembly. This is also the right time to consider upgrading/changing your nozzle from a simple brass nozzle (default) to something like a hardened nozzle to print tougher filaments like steel infused filament.



Upgrading and customizing 3D Printers is very common in the 3D Printer community, often being the first print on a new 3D Printer. However brands like Creality released upgrade options for some of their printers, most notably the BLTouch upgrade that allows your printer to auto level the bed. Many upgrades are available for 3D Printers, however we will only install manufacturer approved upgrades. Note: Only available on Creality printers at this time.


Please request a quote now to get one of our 3D Printing repair and service options.